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Monte Carlo simulation

At Life Pro Asset Management we provide our prospective clients with a full Retirement Analysis.  This 20 page document includes a Monte Carlo Study.  Why include the Monte Carlo analysis?  

As investment advisors we want to apply the Monte Carlo simulation to see potential outcomes in our client’s portfolios.  This simulation will help determine the optimal strategy for a retirement plan.  It takes into account your starting balance, annual spending and portfolio asset allocation. Then it runs it through myriad possible market scenarios. The data will help you determine the likelihood that your portfolio will last for the duration of your retirement.

We believe including the Monte Carlo simulation into our Retirement Analysis will provide a window into the potential future of your portfolio. It’s a great tool to help you make decisions as to your asset allocation, but it’s important to remember that the markets can — and likely will — be volatile and unpredictable.

And best of all, our LPAM Retirement Analysis is provided free of charge to all prospective clients.  

Invest well.