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How governments determined policy against COVID

The lede:  Almost two years after the first arrival of the Wuhan virus into the United States, we now can look back at what has transpired and come to some solid conclusions about this respiratory illness as well as the draconian panic-based responses by governments and many citizens.

The most significant take-away from this review is simple: Routinely, government officials, especially those in states controlled by Democrats, lied repeatedly in order to create fear and terror in the general population. Almost every claim they made, edict they declared, or mandate they ordered, was either an outright lie, or designed to obscure the truth. Let’s take them one-by-one.

More:  At no time during the entire epidemic has there been any valid research that successfully challenged the more than a century of research that showed masks are a useless protection against viruses. The science here has never changed. All that has changed have been the politically-driven policies of politicians and incompetent government health officials, who from month-to-month reworked their mask rules over and over, without ever citing any research that justified the changes.

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