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Betting on Ford’s (F) Future?

Large, longer dated upside bet on Ford Motor Company (F) mid day yesterday. With the stock around the 9.5 level, an investor bought 50,000 January 2020 expiration $10 strike calls for $.85. Implied volatility was in the 28% zone at time of purchase.Even for a liquid...

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Hail Caesar??(CZR)

Active trading today (and a continuation of recent activity all week long) in Caesars Entertainment (CZR) upside call options. Today's activity is focused on buying of the Oct 19th expiration 11 calls between $.35-40 with the stock around $10.60. Over 10,000 contracts...

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Gold Miners Back from the Dead??

Can't think of a more forlorn or hated sector than gold miners (as represented by the GDX etf) which has gotten crushed over the past few months. A bit of stirring seen today, and possible signs of life especially in Goldcorp (GG) where over 25,000 Oct 19th expiration...

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Freeport McMoRan (FCX) Option Color

As mentioned in the below post from Gary on FCX, there was significant option flow yesterday, with calls leading puts by a 2 to 1 margin (50,000 vs 23,000 contracts). The activity was highlighted by one investor doing two large "roll down" trades.....lower their...

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