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Options Market: 6 month recap

For those of you who have ever contemplated using options as a tool for hedging or speculation or arbitrage but felt the markets were too illiquid or opaque, here is a simple summary recap of the extraordinary volume seen across different parts of the option arena for...

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Pfizer (PFE): Battling Back?

Very heavy first hour call buying in Pfizer.....over 25,000 call options have been bought so far today. Specifically, over 11,000 of the regular February expiration $38.5 strike calls have traded most around the $.28-.30 level. See Doug's earlier post on the name.

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Viacom CBS(VIAC): Picking a bottom?

Significant call option buying in Viacom CBS (VIAC) as the stock hits a new 52 week low. At $34.70, a buyer bought 3,600 June $40 calls at $.84 and then over 5,000 Sept. $42.5 calls traded around $.87. This is by far and away the cheapest name in the media universe,...

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