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Macy’s: Bottom Still Not In?

A very notable, and by far the largest, single name stock option trade of the day just now was the purchase of 45,000 Macy's (M) Feb 23 puts for $.47 with the underlying stock at $25. Clearly someone is worried that the 15% wipe out in Macy's stock last week has more...

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Oil Service Update

Quick update on the Oil Service sector...primarily the two heavyweights, Schlumberger (SLB) and Halliburton (HAL). Been a very tought sector for quite some time, but interest appears to be perking up with the recover in oil prices. Two of the bigger single name stock...

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Holiday Missive From Options Land

As a full time options trader, one of the most important tools I use is the option flow monitor from Trade Alert (www.trade-alert.com). Anyone who is an active options trader should investigate their product offerings. And I have to give them full credit for the...

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Conagra (CAG): Oversold??

Per Gary's tweet in the sidebar to the right, can't find many uglier stocks than Conagra (CAG) which has simply gotten destroyed. In options land however people are taking a significant shot that perhaps all this selling activity is a bit overdone. With the stock now...

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Citi (C): Banking on A Rebound

In what is otherwise a relatively quiet day in options land, a noteable spread printed early in the session. Someone bought over 20,000 contracts of the Citigroup (C) February 60-65 call vertical for $1.00 with the stock around $56. ($1.41 vs. $.41). Four points of...

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Someone Very Nervous About Ford (F)

I have no opinion on this, but for the record, someone out there is very nervous about the upcomning price action in Ford Motor Company (F). With the stock at $8.70 yesterday, they bought 50,000 Jan 8 puts for 16 cents. Today, another 50,000 contracts were purchased...

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