Significant option volume in specialty semi-conductor/networking company, Marvell Technologies (MRVL). As shown in the below chart, it closed a key gap dating all the way back to the fall of 2017 around the 18.5 level. The gap higher was due to the company’s announcement of their purchase of Cavium Networks (CAVM) and the recent drop on 9-7 earnings release date was also due to CAVM news…this time some integration issues (not unexpected). But the stock has bounced nicely off that zone today, and the option flow has been huge…all upside call buying….over 20,000 Jan expiration 20 strike calls were bought for $1.11 with the stock around $18.75. Over 10,000 Jan expiration 19 strike calls were also purchased on spread versus some higher priced October calls. Lastly there has been decent volume in the Sept 18.5 and 19 calls expiring next week around the $.75 and $.35 levels respectively. Stock is now at $19.05 as I type this note on pretty solid volume of over 9.5 million shares. Full disclosure. I bought stock at $18.75, but missed the options side for time being. Actively bidding for the Oct 19 calls at slightly lower levels in case we get a bit of a pullback. The market on those is $.88-91 at the moment.