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Flattening the Jobless Curve

Bull markets are born amid a sea of despair, hate, and worry and this current market environment is no different. No matter what the cause of a bear and bull market is, it’s important to remember that the principles that drive the investor sentiment cycle are uniform and consistent throughout all market environments. Despite the jaw dropping jobless figures, the rate of change, otherwise known as the second derivative, is improving and that gives investors an active mindset, a chance to make money in an otherwise challenging market environment.

In this week’s edition of the LifePro Asset Management Market & Portfolio Review, our head of Wealth Management, Robert Reaburn, will review recent performance results of our flagship, Tactical Opportunity strategy, and more specifically, address how companies are expected to perform in an uncertain economic environment that could be stronger or weaker than expected. We are also going to review how the current market recovery compares to that of the much maligned recovery of 2009 from a technical, fundamental, and economic point of view.

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