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Since inception(Jan/2017) our Tactical Opportunity Portfolio has gained 144%(net of fees).  Over this same period the S&P 500 Index is up 45%.  We are active managers, not passive.

How To Make Money In Stocks

If you ask the average person how to make money in stocks, you will likely hear answers such as “read the news” or “do research”, etc. The reality is that having an investment process governed by patience and discipline is the most important factor that will enable investment success. In order to be patient and disciplined, we must operate with self-confidence, which is only possible if we know what our investments are, why we own them, and the rules that govern their management. Our goal is to enable clients to invest with self-confidence by providing a predictable and repeatable investment process.

After last week’s quick reset in stock prices, the LPAM Tactical Opportunity rebounded with vigor, with many stocks back to new highs and the portfolio advancing +49.64% in 2020. Last week is a great example of how a disciplined investment process can help increase self-confidence and ignore the value of destroying media noise that hits our ears on a daily basis. In this week’s market update, we focus on liquidity, interest rates, and investor sentiment; the three horsemen of the stock market.

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