Stocks & Bonds:  Long, Short or Market Neutral


Yosemite Asset Management, LLC (YAM) a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor, run by Traders and Registered Investment Advisors.   YAM specializes in separate account management for clients who are seeking a long/short strategy.  We provide creative and customized investment strategies that are client focused and free of industry conflicts.  In other words, not a one size fits all.


YAM engages in a broad variety of proprietary investment strategies to best serve the individual goals of our clients.


We also incorporate a “short only” strategy using highly liquid ETFs such as TBT, SH, DUG, DZZ, DXD.


Of tantamount importance to YAM Advisors is the protection of our clients wealth.  We believe one of the major components of wealth creation is limiting the loses that occur during market downturns.  At YAM we take an active management role in each account regardless of size.