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Helluva June for Juniper Networks(+8%).  Today’s gain(+2%) is the stock’s sixth straight advance.  On Friday JNPR took out the top band of a narrowing consolidation pattern that had been in place since late January(earnings 1/28/PM).  This week’s gain has driven the stock past $28.50.  The last time JNPR closed out a week above this level was late November 2018.  We believe the stock is set up well for more upside.  

Despite the recent run(JNPR is up 24% above its Feb/March lows/200D moving average), the stock is far from overbought.  

Layers of support are now in place between $28 and $27(January/May highs).  

JNPR sports a fairly juicy dividend(2.8%). 

Long JNPR in some managed accounts.