The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is breaking above a major overhead trendline that has been in place for the last ten years.  A powerful rally may be on the way. 

Hat tip Ryan Detrick

From    An emerging market economy (EME) is defined as an economy with low to middle per capita income. The term was coined in 1981 by Antoine W. Van Agtmael of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank.

Although the term “emerging market” is loosely defined, countries that fall into this category, varying from very big to very small, are usually considered emerging because of their developments and reforms. Hence, even though China is considered one of the world’s economic powerhouses, it is lumped into the category alongside much smaller economies with a great deal fewer resources, like Tunisia. Both China and Tunisia belong to this category because both have embarked on economic development and reform programs, and have begun to open up their markets and “emerge” onto the global scene. EMEs are considered to be fast-growing economies.