Active trading today (and a continuation of recent activity all week long) in Caesars Entertainment (CZR) upside call options. Today’s activity is focused on buying of the Oct 19th expiration 11 calls between $.35-40 with the stock around $10.60. Over 10,000 contracts have traded so far today as of this writing. Also active are the Dec 12 calls at $.50 (>3500 contracts) and the Dec 13 calls at $.25 (>2500 contracts). The stock has been grinding its way higher post an Aug 1st collapse during a company presentation when the stock went from $11.50 down to an intraday low of $8.75 as analysts overreacted to a innocuous statement by senior management. Huge open interest exists in the Sept 21st expiration call option series from the $10 strike all way up to the $12.00 strike, all expiring next week. Going to see if that acts as a headwind or a catalyst for the stock in the coming days, but there is no doubt significant speculative interest in this name.