Amidst a very strong market to start the week, GE continues to fade as it drops below recent support at $14. For the most part, the analyst community remains negative to neutral on the name, with JP Morgan being the most vocal critic. Trading activity today is extremely lopsided to the bearish side, with over 35,000 June 13 puts trading for the most part between $.07-.12. These contracts expire in two weeks. Also, over 28,000 of the July 13 puts have traded around the $.35 level. By contrast the largest volume on the call side is only 12,000 of the June 8th 14 calls, part of which were likely liquidated ahead of their Friday expiration. Hard to say exactly what the motivation is for all the put activity….some appears to be roll downs from higher strike puts that were sold for a profit, some appears to be outright bearish speculation, and some might simply be hedging of stock positions. Whatever the case it is weighing heavily on the name as it trades at $13,80 at the time of this write up.