New all-time lows for the DBA this week:



The Agriculture ETF(DBA) is now down 60% from its 2008 peak.

Somethings gotta give…

DBA Explained:

The Invesco DB Agriculture Fund tracks an index of 10 agricultural commodity futures contracts. It selects contracts based on the shape of the futures curve to minimize contango.


Agriculture   75%    Livestock       25%

Top 10 Holdings

S Soybean 14.15%
CC Cocoa 12.70%
KC Coffee ‘C’ 12.48%
W Wheat 11.88%
LC Live Cattle 11.66%
FSB Sugar 11.40%
C Corn 9.87%
LH Lean Hogs 8.29%
FC Cattle Feeder 4.23%
CT Cotton No.2 3.34%

Hat tip Charlie Bilello