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Blockchain Explained, Part 2


Back in late January we posted a video from Goldman Sachs on the stunning emergence of Blockchain technology:

This week we’ve found an even better article on the subject.  Everything you need to know, A Beginner’s Guide:   What Is Blockchain Technology?

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We Where Told These Jobs Would Never Come Back

From Bespoke Research:  Four consecutive months of adding 25k+ manufacturing jobs for the first time in 20 years:


Obama Says Manufacturing Jobs Just Aren’t Coming Back:

Rollbacks matter…

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The Scenic Route


An Air Force pararescueman conducts a high-altitude, high-opening free fall jump working during training at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, March 4, 2018. The airman is assigned to the 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron. Air Force courtesy photo.

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Quite A List


This may have helped Mr. Bezos(we should all be this lucky): 

Amazon, possibly on its way to becoming America’s first trillion-dollar company, paid zero dollars in federal taxes for 2017, despite earning $5.6 billion in income.

SFGate reports that $724 million of Amazon’s $769 million tax bill for the year are foreign taxes, according to an analysis drawn from the company’s 2017 10-K form.


Amazon also will receive a tax break of about $789 million for 2018, thanks to the Republicans’ new tax plan.

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Middle East

U.S. News Crowns California Worst State for ‘Quality of Life’

Bullish Numbers

Earnings season is over.

A record number of S&P 500 companies raised their EPS(earnings per share)guidance.

That is how 2018 earnings can go from 10% growth at the start of the year to 19% currently:


ISM Manufacturing data came in this morning.  At 60.8 its at the highest level since 2004, 2nd highest level in the last 30 years:


Rollbacks matter…

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Consumer Confidence Surges

The lede from    U.S. consumer confidence rose to its highest level since 2000 in February, showing Americans shrugged off financial market gyrations earlier in the month.

More:   The Conference Board said Tuesday its measure of U.S. consumer confidence increased to 130.8 in February in from 124.3 in January. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had expected a February reading of 127.0.

”Despite the recent stock market volatility, consumers expressed greater optimism about short-term prospects for business and labor market conditions, as well as their financial prospects.” said Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at the Conference Board.

February’s reading was the highest monthly level since November 2000.
Rollbacks matter…
Great chart and more here:

Inside Buffett’s Annual Letter


Berkshire Hathaway released its 2017 review last weekend.  Here’s an interesting point: 

Investing is an activity in which consumption today is foregone in an attempt to allow greater consumption at a later date. “Risk” is the possibility that this objective won’t be attained….

I want to quickly acknowledge that in any upcoming day, week or even year, stocks will be riskier – far riskier – than short-term U.S. bonds. As an investor’s investment horizon lengthens, however, a diversified portfolio of U.S. equities becomes progressively less risky than bonds, assuming that the stocks are purchased at a sensible multiple of earnings relative to then-prevailing interest rates.

It is a terrible mistake for investors with long-term horizons – among them, pension funds, college endowments and savings-minded individuals – to measure their investment “risk” by their portfolio’s ratio of bonds to stocks. Often, high-grade bonds in an investment portfolio increase its risk.

More here from Future of Capitalism blog:

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