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Trump Loves Russia


Russia is the only country ETF that is down for the year.  The rest of the world is very positive.  Average gain for the remaining country ETF’s, a stunning 19%.

Hat tip Charlie Bilello

Greed Is Not Always Good

Especially if you’re a contrarian.  The CNN/Money Fear and Greed Index is beginning to point towards extreme greed.  Certainly something to keep an eye on.  More here:

The Most Peaceful Market In History

The VIX(Volatility Index)finished last week at its lowest level in history.  Fear has been completely eradicated:


Hat tip Charlie Bilello

Embrace The Decline


For your weekend reading pleasure, great stuff here from Thomas Heath:  A First Lesson on the Stock Market, Don’t Run From a Good Sale

Here’s the link:

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All Good

Just about everything, U.S. stock wise, hit new all time highs today:

new highs

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30 Years is a Long Time

All smiles…


The lede:   Stock markets go up and down: It is a fact of life. Except in 2017.

Three major stock-market benchmarks in the U.S., Europe and Asia have avoided pullbacks this year, commonly defined as 5% declines from recent highs. Never in at least the past 30 years have all three indexes—the S&P 500, MSCI Europe and MSCI Asia-Pacific ex-Japan—gone a calendar year without falling at some point by at least 5%.

Read the whole thing:

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Thunderbirds Over Loch Ness


From  Members of the Thunderbirds, the Air Force’s air demonstration squadron, fly over Loch Ness in Scotland, July 10, 2017. The squadron flew over several bases and landmarks while preparing for the 2017 Royal International Air Tattoo in England. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Christopher Boitz

Hat tip Austin Bay

There Will Be No More Corrections, Part 2

Let this one sink in:  Since 1950, the average S&P 500 pullback from the yearly high is 13.6%.  Puts the 2.8% pullback thus far in 2017 in perspective.


Hat tip Ryan Detrick


Five Straight

The S&P 500 has gained ground for five straight months.  That’s quite a streak but not all that uncommon.  The record streak is 12 straight back in 1936:


The important question is, what’s next for the market following a five month winning streak.  Simple, more upside.  Some color from LPL Research:  Going back to 1950, this was the 24th time the S&P 500 was up for five straight months.  Diving into those previous 23 times, the results are extremely impressive. Incredibly, the S&P 500 has been higher a year later all 23 times, with an average return of 12.9%. The near-term returns are also stronger than the average returns. Does it matter if the S&P 500 closes at a new monthly all-time high (like in July)? That has happened 13 other times and the returns are fairly similar to what happens after any five-month win streak, but once again, much better than the average future returns.

Hat tip Ryan Detrick

There Will Be No More Corrections

There will be, some day, but it’s certainly been a long time since the S&P 500 has undergone at least a 5% drawdown:


We live in hope.

Hat tip Charlie Bilello

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