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June 20th from 6:30 – 7:30 PM at the San Luis Obispo Library (Conference Room)


– Maximizing Social Security (free analysis)
– Guaranteed Lifetime Income Solutions.
– The current state of the Stock and Bond Market (interest rates).
– How to move your 401k while still employed and or retired.
– Properly Funded Living Trust and Long Term Care.
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No Suits – No Selling – No Signing.
Hope to see you there.
– Doug and Gary

10 Year Treasury Yield

An even bigger move (problems in Europe) in Treasuries today.

Inverse:  As treasury yields fall, bond prices rise.

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Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 1.12.15 PM



Blockchain explained (video)


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SP 500

Click for larger view

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GLD (Weekly)

Each candle is a week.  Down 7 of the last 8.  GLD is due for a bounce.  Has Gold put in a bottom? Don’t know.

Could it go much lower?  Certainly.  Could next week be another down week?  Yes.

What’s the plan?  If playing a bounce, have an exit strategy  (mental or hard stop) to either lock in profit or limit loss.

Eventually a bottom will be in, we just don’t know where and when.  If you keep losses reasonable – you will have the emotional stability to enter when eventually the metals run and therefore wipe out any prior manageable losses.



If a chart doesn’t stand out immediately – then don’t force it.

Cash is a Position

Mental Stops vs. Hard Stops and Discipline

About 75% of the time we use Mental Stops instead of Hard Stops.

Why?  Because Hard Stops (orders placed that are resting orders) become a target.  IOW – traders will run the stops to take investors/traders out of the position only to watch price reverse and go higher.   This is shown in the example below with AAPL today.

A Mental Stop is not a resting order placed into the accounts.  Therefore a Mental Stop (a number in your head or that you are watching) is not triggered.  If breached on a close – you then need to make a decision as to where to exit.

The advantage of a Hard Stop is if price continues to fall, – you were hopefully out at, or near the hard stop price.  In the end – it all boils down to discipline.  Stick with and hold true to the system that works for you.  Learn from what you did right and acknowledge what you did wrong.

A losing trade does not mean you did it wrong and a winning trade does not mean you did it right.   The worst case in when you do something wrong or break your rules – and it’s a winner.  That’s not discipline – that’s closer to luck.


Using Stops (Hard and Mental) To Lock In Profit And Limit Loss

Using Stops from Doug McKay on Vimeo.

Shorting: How & Why

Shorting Using Inverse ETFs from Doug McKay on Vimeo.

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