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A Wealth Tax Is Coming, Own Physical Gold

That’s what Grant Williams believes.  Fascinating interview below.  Key bit:  “Having the ability through digital cash, for a government to reach into your bank account and take 10 percent 20 percent, whatever it may be, is what they need. They can see this coming, at some point they’re going to have to take money from the people who have it to fill the hole of the people who have spent it. This was a perfectly logical next step in that process.

Read the whole thing:  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-30/grant-williams-warns-looming-wealth-tax-says-own-physical-gold-not-etfs

Market Update Video 5/29/2016

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Market Video May 29th from Doug McKay on Vimeo.

The Flow Chart


The rotation out of bonds will be a monumental event.  The massive pile of money in fixed income will have to go somewhere, most likely, stocks. 

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Mixed Signals


“Investors are driven by two emotions: fear and greed. Too much fear can sink stocks well below where they should be. When investors get greedy, they can bid up stock prices way too far.”

The ‘Fear & Greed Index’ explained here:  http://money.cnn.com/investing/about-fear-greed-tool/index.html



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Over $12 billion flowed into cash like money-market funds last week, the heaviest flow in 15 weeks.

Investors are nervous, very nervous…

Where’s The Growth?

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It’s certainly not showing up in earnings.  Investors, those few who haven’t sold, are expecting this trend to change in a big way. 


On Tuesday when Gold was at 1228 (did not hold support at 1250), we mentioned the most probable scenario would be 1220 and then 1200.  So far that seems to be playing out.  Should get a bounce near 1200.  Toss up if it holds.  Sidelines for now.

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SPX (Weekly)

Candles represent weeks.

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